I was pleasantly surprised in the stop here at Cat’s Coffee and Cake on Douglas Street in the heart of downtown Victoria.

I like these high-top seats to work from. Looking out at the street is nice, and gives me a bunch of elbow room in these times of distancing.

Nice to have power so close by on the wall too! I stopped here a while ago, and may have used a tether to connect to the interwebs? Not sure if they had Wifi going….

They’ve got coffee and snacks, including these selections of small cakes in take-away cups! They’re not really cupcakes, but more like individual-sized cake desserts in a cup. See the matcha one, pictured here!

I didn’t try the bathrooms, but I assume they are there for customer use. I’ve been back since for a take-out experience, and will likely land here again for a Work Away From Office sesh!