WAFO-27 Shatterbox Coffee in Vic Public Market

There are many tables to use in the Victoria Public Market, if you’re a remote worker. The entire market seems to have good WIFI coverage, so you’ll have no issues connecting there.

The pictured spot is actually ripe for people-watching, so keep that in mind if you’re sitting here, looking out at Douglas Street. At the time this photo was taken, the stools were also a little short for the height of the bar, requiring a bit more of an arm-workout to type on keys! Oh yes, this seat does have power tucked under the bar.

Always a great cuppa to have here at Shatterbox, shown here a lovely shot of their custom espresso!

Hey, while you’re down there, you might even get a demo of their new emissions-free coffee roaster from Bellwether, picture here! This unit is cloud-connected, so you could say it is an Internet of Things (IoT) coffee roaster!

There are also bathroom facilities on site, but you’ll need to borrow the access-code from a market vendor to gain access.

WAFO-26 tapping keys at the Taphouse

Decided to try a new patio space today, and enjoyed this stop at the Yates Street Taphouse.

Plenty of elbow-room on this October afternoon – I had my Macbook Air set up here to do a bit of homework. IIRC, I was on the #TELUS public wifi network that is available in this part of the downtown core. I wasn’t able to reach the wifi segment from inside the bar.

There isn’t any power out here, so come prepared with a full-charge, or a battery backup if you running low on juice for your machine.

Great snacks during happy hour, so I’ll likely be back when the time of year is right to enjoy this downtown spot!