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Just a bucket to capture moments in life.

Life Moments

Hazy skies above YYJ 

Wildfire smoke has crept over the border and taken residence over the skies of James Bay. Didn’t head outside much today except for a quick trip to the grocery store to grab supplies. Made a brief detour along the trail above Holland Point and grabbed…

Life Moments

Daddy, what am I worth ? 

My 9 yo old son has just woken up, and comes downstairs to greet me as I am getting ready for work. Son: “Daddy, what am I worth?” Daddy has also just awoken, so isn’t as sharp as might be needed. Me: “What do you…

Life Moments

my first triathlon 

A bunch of coverage over the last few days about my first triathlon!  I completed the Triathlon of Compassion in Esquimalt!  Check out some of the pictures and video from the event on the coremanias Instagram feed!    

Life Moments

seasonal blogging 

Yes, I see that I was blogging in the summer, while on the road. And now here we are in Winter. Could be that I’ve become a seasonal blogger ? Yah, that’s it! Let’s break all those rules about blogging regularly, and blog at only…

Life Moments

Hangin at the beach 

Long weekend, sunshine, and sand. Here we are at the beach, making like it is summertime.  Ok, so more like spring-time in BC, and it is a hot day.  And, while I was down at the beach, I posted this entry using the WP app…