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Home Stuff

saturday night mix 

Locked into this really sweet mix by Lemonade on the XLR8R podcast series tonight. A great find, while out walking the dog. I was searching iTunes for “rock podcast” and came up with this great blend of electronic music styles which deserves another play or…

Info Tech

self-serve online registration processes 

I’ve got an interest in self-serve, web-based registration processes. It just comes with the IDAM territory. I’m just signing up for another web-based service right now. Self-serve, web-based, and had to submit an email address, self-selected username, and password. I tried a phrase with spaces,…

Life Moments

I want music, and a story 

As mentioned last time, I’m on the lookout for cool streaming radio experiences.  Over the last couple of nights, I’ve ended up in the “Podcast” menu of TuneIn Radio pro on my mobile device.  Under the “Classic Rock” sub-menu, is quite a variety of choices. …

Road Trips

to Italy and back 

Thanks to the gang at, I recently made a trip to Italy, and have made it back to Victoria safe and sound. I’m a believer in listener-supported radio, so I support radioparadise, monthly. With a small electronic cash transfer, from my vault to theirs….

Info Tech

setting up wordpress multisite 

Here is how I went about installing WP into the ISP account: 1) install WP 3.3.1 in the root of the IP-based account 2) follow the instructions to enable the multisite WP feature. The key decision to make is whether to build a sub-domain or…