Back in April, I finally decided to buy into a membership at the Club Kwench co-working & culture space in Rock Bay.


What an awesome space to work in! See here, I got plenty of natural light at my hot-desk location in the open area by the kitchen. Check some of the attributes:

  • Power plugs available at each desktop
  • High-speed WIFI throughout the facility
  • Coffee comes with the price of membership (brewing Caffe Fantastico!)
  • Booths in the kitchen, for small meetings
  • Phone booths, for single-person use
  • Quiet rooms
  • Music on the SONOS network in the kitchen
  • Grocery & coffee bar downstairs
  • other humans you can talk to!

Hot desk space at Kwench

Yah, good energy throughout the space, and so glad I bought in. I picked up the 10-visit punch-card, available for $300 CAD on their web-site.

By the way, they have their own Slack workspace, and the broadcast announcements that go out to all club members are often addressed to the Kwencheronis, if you were wondering!