As you know, from the WAFO series, I spend a bunch of time in coffee shops during business hours. I use them as remote office spaces to get focus-time on my work. Come to think of it, maybe they’re a candidate for my third-place?

On a recent morning, I found myself particularly in the zone while working at a coffee shop. It reminded me of the Cafe Restaurant noise generator on, an excellent site for noise generators of all sorts. On reading the comments listed on the mynoise site for that generator, I’m reminded that these sounds soothe the active mind, and provide focus as a result.

I’m going to do an experiment – next time I’m in a coffee shop. While enjoying the real-life sounds of the ambient noise, I’m going to don the earbuds, and layer in the extra ambience of this noice noise generator!

How about that for a layered audio tapestry…!