As mentioned last time, I’m on the lookout for cool streaming radio experiences.  Over the last couple of nights, I’ve ended up in the “Podcast” menu of TuneIn Radio pro on my mobile device.  Under the “Classic Rock” sub-menu, is quite a variety of choices.  Last night I played a few episodes of  the “Get the Led Out” podcast, which features brief Led Zep facts and trivia.  Also sampled Alice Cooper’s radio show, before flipping over to “Get It On with Bryan Burnett”, all the way from Scotland.

Tonight, I locked into the “Just Four Guys” radio show from Martha’s Vineyard, and selected the March 20/2012 episode “Beatles and The Beach Boys”. That show provides a 1-hour look at what the Beatles and the Beach Boys were doing in the mid-60’s, and how they were musically influencing each other’s work. Cool tracks, a bit of song-dissection, and great back-stories, courtesy of the host, Ray Whitaker.

Got back home to visit the web site, and noted the archive goes back quite a few episodes, so I’ve got some catching up to do. I’ll probably wind up making a donation