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WAFO-27 Shatterbox Coffee in Vic Public Market

There are many tables to use in the Victoria Public Market, if you’re a remote worker. The entire market seems to have good WIFI coverage, so you’ll have no issues connecting there.

The pictured spot above is actually ripe for people-watching, so keep that in mind if you’re sitting here, looking out at Douglas Street. At the time this photo was taken, the stools were also a little short for the height of the bar, requiring a bit more of an arm-workout to type on keys! Oh yes, this seat does have power tucked under the bar.

Always a great cuppa to have here at Shatterbox, shown here a lovely shot of their custom espresso!

Hey, while you’re down there, you might even get a demo of their new emissions-free coffee roaster from Bellwether, picture here! This unit is cloud-connected, so you could say it is an Internet of Things (IoT) coffee roaster!

There are also bathroom facilities on site, but you’ll need to borrow the access-code from a market vendor to gain access.

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